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Synteko Natural CoatingsSYNTEKO NATURAL is of a family of products often referred to as “Burnishing Oils”. Unlike traditional polyurethane “film build” type finishes, a burnished oil fills the grain of the timber, penetrating it deeply with protective bonding. The final burnishing process hardens the top of the timber. It creates a more natural, smooth and closed-grain look and feel .

SYNTEKO NATURAL Oil is a solvent free, faintly smelling high solid hard oil. This matte natural oil finish with its high (100%) solid content has superior wear and tear properties covering approximately three times more area than other wood floor oils. It has excellent coverage, with 40m2 per litre achievable on harder, more dense timbers.


Synteko Re-Cover natural coatingSYNTEKO NATURAL, unlike most other oils, has ZERO VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound).

Another feature of SYNTEKO NATURAL is that it can accept tints, not only timber stains, but also lime-washes and other exotic tones such as “steel blue”.

The burnished oil look is being used and specified in an increasing number of commercial and domestic projects including museums, galleries and public halls, due to its ease of use and maintenance, its environmental credentials, and the fact that it simply looks superb.

A thinner version of SYNTEKO NATURAL is available as a maintenance pack, applied with a spray bottle for easy re-buffing.

There are substantial commercial benefits of using this product, among which is the durability and appearance of the floor can be regularly maintained without expensive and cumbersome re-sanding and coating.

Summary of benefits of Synteko Natural

  • Totally natural, derived from timber by-products
  • Zero VOC
  • Silky smooth matte finish
  • Spot-repairable, and easy ongoing maintenance without re-sanding.

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