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Sanding & Sundry Accessories

Handleys Super 7 Replacement PadsHANDLEYS SUPER 7 REPLACEMENT PAD
This aftermarket accessory for the Clarke Sanders reduces harsh edger marks and makes for cost effective maintenance- you only need to replace the felt pad instead of the whole thing. Only available at LAGLER.


We have high-quality nail punches with heat-treated tip, or the handy SAFETY NAIL PUNCH- easy to use and much safer. It keeps the hammer nicely clear of your fingers and thumbs !


LAGLER stock the US made range of Sheffield scrapers in 1”, 1 & ½”, and 2 & ½”. The 2.5 inch scraper comes with it’s own file and replacement blades are available.


BOSTIK 5mm V-Notch 8mm spacing, VERSABLADE 3mm V-Notch and SELLEYS 5mm V-notch with 20mm spacing to cater for polyurethane slumping adhesives or low-foaming rigid adhesives

Designed to fit directly onto the POLIVAC SV30, with adaptation available for Canterburys, this attachment is ideal for cleaning and “scratching-up” concrete prior to adhesive application or coating.


knee padsKNEEPADS
LAGLER stock the NAILER brand of Gel Knee pads from the UK. Comfortable, with mesh inner lining to improve breathing, gel-filled caps and designed NOT TO SCUFF- perfect for timber flooring contractors!


WORKTUNES headphones keep out the scream of your sanding machines and protects your ears. With lightweight, built-in radio, it also provides you with music to sooth the savage beast!


spray adhesivesSPRAY ADHESIVE
The BOSTIK range of contact spray-on adhesive is the perfect companion to your method of affixing plain-backed 16” abrasives to your foam pad on the Polivac or Canterbury. Lightly spray both surfaces, wait a minute, then affix.

Coating Accessories

Your friend when cutting in. Makes it harder to spill and keeps your brush upright (brush not included).


Designed for SIKKENS decking products. Save your back by coating the deck with this high-quality brush and extended pole.


roller coversROLLERCOVERS
LAGLER have a range of rollercovers. Cardboard or plastic-insert mohair from 5mm-8mm, 240, 270, 360 wide, specialised water-based rollers in 10mm,  synthetic nap from high quality to throwaway.


roller framesROLLERFRAMES
To hold those rollercovers we have the simple 270mm cage frame, or pole frame for waterbased roller covers, or aluminium adjustable frames for 360-460mm covers


3M respirators3M RESPIRATOR
The 3M ½-mask respirators are highly comfortable, with the soft gel face lining. A range of cartridges are available for chemical application or dust protection, quick and easy to assemble.


Sundstrom is widely regarded as the quality choice respirator for heavy-duty chemical applications, used widely by fire and safety teams. Available in a kit, supplied in airtight sealed containers


You know you need a bucket, but did you know about bucket liners? These solvent-safe liners will save you hours of cleaning off polyurethane film from old buckets, and ensures clean, contaminant-free coating. Rolls of 100.


That’s what we affectionately call the safety shoe cover. Like bucket liners for your feet- they ensure you have a clean, sweat-free coating environment. In packs of 50 pairs


Ambidextrous, powder-free and latex-free “examination” gloves come in boxes of 100 gloves (not pairs). They are ideal for a sterile coating environment, when you need to pick out those unwanted bits


SYNTEKO provide these handy measuring jugs to ensure accurate mixing of two-pack SYNTEKO CLASSIC or whatever other uses you want. Get the right amount, with no wastage

Cleaning & Maintenance

These brilliant little tools remove imperfections in dried coatings such as dust, hair and most debris particles. In subdued gloss coatings you will hardly notice a mark. It’s the simplest and easiest way to remedy a readily apparent problem.



The Polycare spray mop kit is ready-to-use. In one easy motion, the user can get their polyurethane-coated floors as shiny as new. Comes with Adjustable spray mop, pack of hardwood cleaner and refill, and microfiber pad


Polycare’s basic mop kit represents a budget alternative for your customers’ cleaning and maintenance. Comes with a 20oz spray cleaner (streak-free), 52” pole and mop head and terry cloth mop cover. Replacement covers are available


The Safeglides range of furniture felt come in many shapes, sizes and applications, from stick-on to tap-in. They protect the timber floor from the scuffing and scraping of moving furniture


furniture slidersFURNITURE SLIDERS
Protect your floor and your back with these EZmoves furniture sliders, perfect for coated timber floors. In packs of 4 they are the perfect value-added product to offer your customers for ongoing floor care


Light cotton rags, available in 10kg bags. You can never have too many rags. We also have bulk amounts of terry cloth nappies, lint-free and ideal for staining applications

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