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Solvent Based Coatings

Solvent Based coatingsHandley Industries
Exclusive to Lagler is this unique range of solvent-based polyurethane from New Zealand. The HANDLEYS range is extremely economical in price, yet has a unique quality edge. HANDLEYS have a full range of sealers, 44 and 45% solids gloss, high-solids gloss, Lo-Sheen and Satin, in 20L containers. The subdued gloss range has a well-established reputation for consistency of results, no matter what the environmental conditions. Furthermore, the Lo-Sheen product has a higher solids level than rival products, meaning  it can be used at any stage of the coating system. For example, oily timbers can be coated first with the Lo-Sheen to trap harmful contaminants, and the gloss products applied on top, flowing easily with a low surface tension.

Urethane Coatings
Urethane Coatings was incorporated in 1979 as the research and development arm of Huntley Chemicals P/L. They commenced manufacturing polyurethanes of their own in 1991 in response to requests from old Huntley clients who believed the price of polyurethanes were excessive, and the quality inconsistent. Over the years Urethane Coatings added to and improved the range and now offer a portfolio of coatings superior in every respect. They have a complete range of single pack gloss of varying solids levels, subdued gloss coatings, and two-part polyurethane including a fast A if required. These are highly renowned products with excellent performance in the market and the best value.
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Tuffcoat Australia
The premium TuffCoat product is the highest build single pack polyurethane available on the market. Yet, Tuff Timber Coat has excellent flow properties enabling easy application for the contractor. TuffCoat also have specialised concrete coatings which match the strength of two pack polyurethane, also with excellent flow and weathering properties, and with extremely high adhesion to stone and concrete. There is also a UV stable concrete coating for outdoor applications.
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Polycure Innovative coating systems

Polycure are part of the Mirotone group of companies producing high quality timber coatings for various applications. Polycure’s polyurethanes are tried and true, industry-renowned with a long history of quality and support. Coatings such as the 1045 Super Gloss, 1044 Cork and Timber Gloss and AK/BK 2 pack are of a superior quality, durability and consistency. A full range of gloss levels are available as well as a full range of subdued gloss, and many additives for the toughest jobs.
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Toby polyurethanes provide the professional floorsander with a product that will enhance the quality of the floor. Toby have a fully range of durable polyurethanes available for all types of floors. For many years products such as Unithane Gloss and Lustapol 2 pack have been a favourite of the floorsanding trade. They are regarded as the most user-friendly in application and yet with extremely high solids for a “lusty” appearance. They also provide a good range of subdued glosses and various additives to help troubleshoot those difficult environments.
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Feast Watson
Feast Watson are a household name in timber treatment, because they are regarded as an early pioneer and innovator of wood finishing systems. Ever since their beginnings in Sydney in 1922, their aim has been to enhance and promote the natural beauty of wood. Trade favourites range from the high performing Maxithane range of single pack finishes, to the extremely versatile Proof-Tint range of timber stains, now with reducer base to facilitate trouble-free direct staining, a highly recommended way to tend to the customer’s needs.
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