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Your Contractor

Lagler Australia will not recommend a particular contractor, but we can offer the following suggestions, tips and advice.


  • Firstly, look for a contractor who is a member of the Australian Timber Flooring Association. This is the peak industry body and carefully screens members to ensure professionalism. As well, the ATFA provides the most comprehensive skills training, accountability, and consultative contact for the consumer.
  • Ensure that your contractor is well practised in a wide range of various coating methods, at least the ones described here. The contractor should be able to offer more than a simple "3 coats of polyurethane" solution.
  • Don’t be put off if your contractor asks for a deposit. Their investment in materials for sanding and coating is considerable. In the interests of security and commitment for both sides, sometimes a deposit is required as even the initial process to prepare your floor for coating is costly for the contractor
  • Don’t be searching for the "cheapest" square metre rate from a contractor. The old adage of "getting what you pay for" is multiplied when you consider that know-how is a substantial component of the contractor’s charge. If your contractor is local, ask if he can provide verifiable testimonials. Paying a few extra dollars per square metre needs to be weighed against organising a re-sand if there are substantial quality issues.



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